“Just as Comfortable as Sweatpants”: Stylist Shares 3 Points to Creating the Perfect Work-Lounge Wardrobe

Putting together a wardrobe that is suited for work, the airport, and the playground can feel like an impossible task.

The hunt for flattering clothes that will boost your confidence no matter where you are can be overwhelming.

That’s why stylist and wardrobe consultant Olivia Walker, owner of a boutique studio in London, recently sat down with us to share advice for perfecting our own work-lounge balance.

"I'm asked this a lot during in-person consultations," says Olivia, “I’ve spent years testing out different brands of clothing, trying them on and taking them home.

And I found that it’s actually possible to have an elegant wardrobe that is just as comfortable as sweatpants.

It’s just important to keep a few things in mind!”



#1 Material does matter

“When it comes to choosing the right clothing for day-to-day activities, it’s not just about looking good,” starts Olivia, “Feeling good is just as crucial. And it can be a challenge to find clothes that are both, comfortable and stylish.” That’s why Olivia recommends paying extra attention to the fabric tag: “The key to being comfortable all day long is making sure that your outfit is made of materials that let you move freely and breathe easily.  Think breathable, flexible, stretchy fabric. But make sure it’s got 4-way stretch — the clothes will last you much longer. Cheap 2-way stretch just doesn’t have the same capability to adapt to your movements and will show wear and tear faster. Look out for an “Oeko-Tex® Certified” tag, which means your clothes don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Also, invest in clothes that are made from moisture-wicking performance fabrics. This will allow you to move through your day without breaking a sweat – literally.
You'll feel great and look great all day long!”
November 04, 2022 — Sofia Pereira